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Our Tiny Tots program is specially curated by our experienced team of senior dance educators. They are progressive and are performance-based.

Young children from 2.5 years old are taught the basics of music and movement, and emphasis is placed on learning about their own bodies and enjoyment in movement to music.

Here, children gain self-confidence, self-expression and grow their love of dance, while nurturing their innate creativity! 


Ballet is a graceful and structured dance form which also provides the basic foundation for many other kinds of dance.

Our Pre Classical Grades classes are from the C.S.T.D syllabus and are performance test-based. These courses are for beginning students and form an introduction to basic technique and to different rhythms in music, which will later develop into musicality and enjoyment in their dancing. They learn coordination of the various body parts and how to mime, which promotes self-expression and confidence.



Here, the teaching of pure ballet technique commences along with increased emphasis on correct posture, placement and alignment. It not only helps in cultivating personality, but also improves posture, develops poise and coordination and the refined quality and control of the body.


Grades 1 - Elementary CSTD Classical Ballet Exams are offered to children age 8 and above.


Modern Jazz dance comprises many styles of dance including hip-hop, contemporary, popping & locking and broadway styles to name a few. In the CSTD Syllabus the moves from these styles are combined with the technical elements of jazz ballet and ballet to create sharp, strong and clean dance moves that are very energetic. It has been carefully structured for all ages, and provides the added benefits of promoting fitness and health!


If you have any additional questions about our classes, get in touch and one of our staff members will gladly assist you.

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